When our customers are able to understand the entire fleet picture and make informed decisions, it’s easier for them to succeed.

With precisely this thought, we have launched a brand new expansion of the Driveri® product portfolio with the availability of a 360-degree fleet vehicle view, called DriveriHub®.

So what does this mean? Let’s take a look

What is DriveriHub?

To put it simply, DriveriHub provides the extra camera views needed for complete driving visibility, helping customers make informed decisions, improvements, and most importantly, maintaining road safety.

Designed for expandability, DriveriHub fleet safety solution is bundled as an accessory to Driveri® and supports up to four additional cameras for a complete 360-degree exterior picture around the entire vehicle. With the additional cameras, drivers and fleets can now safely and securely view the entire vehicle for the full driving day.
With WIFI connectivity to the Driveri device, DriveriHub uses high-quality HD video for added visibility and includes support for an in-cab monitor designed for the driver, for a complete view of all camera angles – so you never miss a moment.

Key Features

DriveriHub is installed on the vehicle anywhere an extra set of eyes is needed, including inside the vehicle for school buses, inside a trailer for cargo monitoring, or on the exterior to capture the rear view, the side of a trailer, or the valve of a tanker. Customers can easily request videos over the manager portal for coaching or event review.

DriveriHub drastically reduces your fleet’s blind-spots left by legacy solutions, designed from the ground up to maximize the effectiveness of your fleet safety program. The key features include:

  • Increased Visibility: Up to four additional cameras for a complete 360-degree view
  • Simplified Deployment: Monitor out functionality allowing drivers to view external cameras views in real-time
  • Seamless Integration: Wireless connectivity to Driveri®
  • Turn Key Solution: Various cameras and mounts available

Here’s an example of DriveriHub installed with two additional cameras connected to the D-410 device, giving this fleet a complete six angle view.

Why DriveriHub?

Plain and simple —the multiple HD camera views gets fleet safety programs and drivers to reach their goals better than any other solution. DriveriHub increases the opportunity to protect and recognize drivers, acting as an additional layer to aid exoneration. With multiple camera views, fleets have hard evidence when accidents occur. DriveriHub is equipped to help fleets of all sizes ensure safe driving for all road conditions.

The additional views integrate into the Driveri portal, giving fleet managers the ability to access desired views from any given incident. Such data let’s fleet safety managers understand driver behavior and provide corrective coaching to improve driving behavior. Access to all incidents is important because DriveriHub also improves driver engagement and enhances safety by putting your driver’s safety first.

“With DriveriHub, we give maximum flexibility of camera deployments so fleets can customize their Driveri installations whether that means adding cameras to see cargo doors, valves on fuel trucks, or robotic arms on waste management vehicles.”
– Kishore Kumblekere, Director of Product Management, Netradyne

Final Thoughts

Understanding the entire picture has never been easier than with DriveriHub. At Netradyne, we transform the transportation ecosystem through Computer Vision and in-depth data analysis to protect and empower fleets and drivers to create a safer road for today.

The Netradyne team is delivering new features and updates on a regular basis. We are constantly listening to our customers and directly applying feedback. If you are not a Netradyne customer, hopefully this article will clarify the difference between the key aspect separating Netradyne from legacy based approaches — simplified deployment, reduced blind-spots, and HD camera quality. Look out for new installments, featuring our products for a healthy fleet management program.

“We see Netradyne DriveriHub as mission critical. Not only do we gain a 360 view of each truck, but we can analyze the complete driving day. The six total cameras help us be two steps ahead in preventing accidents, where exoneration is key.”
– Chad Davis, Safety Coordinator, Raider Express

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