Classic Transportation & Warehousing

Classic Transportation & Warehousing has a company motto that drives everything they do: Exceed the Standard Always, Do the Right Thing. VP of Sales & Logistics Dianne Newton...

Fuchs Trucking

Like most other fleet operators, Fuchs management finds it difficult to manage conflicting accounts of driving events. Many times, even when the other party is at fault, it’s still up to...

Charley’s Taxi

Charley’s Taxi, a high-performance transportation company, needed a video safety solution that not only ensured the safety of their customers and drivers, but also offered an effective driver coaching program.

Halvor Lines

With a management team that has literally been in the Drivers’ seats as professional drivers, it’s no surprise that Halvor Lines invests heavily in protecting their drivers and the general public...

J.L. Rothrock

Like many other large fleet organizations, J.L. Rothrock recognized the need to lower their insurance claims and improve their insurance rates due to road collisions...

Bryan Truck Line

Bryan Truck Line has been providing customers with reliable van and flatbed service throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1948. A family-owned company with 120 drivers, they focus on Safety ...

Load One Transportation & Logistics

After installing the Driveri® camera system, Load One saw a dramatic 59% reduction in claims. Year two was even better, with an impressive 82% decrease in claims...

SHAH Trucking

As a driver-focused company, Shah Trucking considers their drivers valued members of their family and they make it a priority to keep them safe. They realize that the fate of the transportation...

Stewart Transport

Amanda Gallegos has witnessed first-hand the evolution of fleet cameras. When she started working at Stewart Transport ten years ago, they already had in-cab cameras....

STS Recycling and Insurica

The concept of in-cab cameras was not new to STS Recycling when they decided to install Driveri® in June of 2019. They had been kicking around the idea for 4-5 years, but the project..

TITAN Freight Systems

Consistent with the national trends for injury crashes involving large trucks, TITAN Freight Systems noticed an alarming trend with their fleet. From 2014-2017, they tripled their number of...

Vascor Transport

An award winning carrier, Vascor Transport delivers highly customized logistics solutions across many industries including the most recognized brands in the automotive supply chain...

Veriha Trucking

Veriha Trucking has built a reputation for safety. Nearly half of their drivers are new to the industry and trained from the ground up. They conduct driver simulators twice a year..

Salt Lake Express

As a passenger bus service, Salt Lake Express keeps safety top of mind and continually works to improve the performance of their drivers.
General Transport Logo

General Transport

General Transport had been considering safety cameras for some time, to protect the drivers and the company, and they knew the importance of finding the right solution.
Trail Liner Corp logo

Trailiner Corporation

Trailiner Corporation is no stranger to fleet technology. The carrier used safety cameras for some time but were left with gaps and ready for a more advanced system.

Lamb Fuels

Lamb Fuels Inc., a well-established petroleum transport hauler, was looking to improve driver safety and customer service with video safety technology.