Netradyne Celebrates the Capture and Analysis of over 100M Minutes of Driving Video Data using its Vision-based Driver and Road Safety Platform, Driveri™

Driveri™ Continues to Transform the Commercial Transportation Industry by Gathering Deep Insights into Driving Behavior and Providing Opportunities for Driver Recognition

SAN DIEGOOct. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Netradyne, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) technology focusing on driver and fleet safety, has announced that its Driveri™ vision-based driver recognition safety program has captured and analyzed over 100 million minutes of driving video data. The analyzed data drives forward new feature development and lays the groundwork for positioning Netradyne as a crucial contributor for next-generation autonomous vehicles. This has led Netradyne to become one of the fastest growing artificial intelligence (AI) solution providers, a remarkable hallmark on the company’s three-year anniversary.

“Our team is thrilled to have generated such a deep resource of contextualized data so quickly,” said Avneesh Agrawal, CEO, Netradyne. “We are grateful to have such an incredible customer community that finds value in Driveri™ through the power of positive recognition and fleet safety.”

The growing Driveri™ customer community is represented by a wide range of transportation segments including passenger vehicle ride share, luxury limousine service, vans and pick-up trucks, utility vehicles, last-mile delivery, freight and heavy-duty trucking.  A point of commonality amongst this group is that they each leverage the Driveri™ platform for a complete view of their operations, including identifying excellent driving practices and identifying areas for performance coaching.

Netradyne leverages its deep archive of captured and analyzed driving data to further strengthen its technology portfolio in the following areas:

  • Driveri™ Deep Learning: As the units are deployed and operating in customer environments, the system actively ‘learns’ during trips, capturing road signage, traffic, and unique driving patterns and environments. This enables the system to continually improve performance.
  • Insurance: Partnering with insurance carriers and actuarial partners, the unique contextual data captured and analyzed by Driveri™ can enhance rating and underwriting accuracy as carriers tailor rates and coverage to a fleet’s actual risk profile.  Additionally, with traditional coaching and the new real-time driver engagement tool, the programs move beyond merely measuring risk to substantially reducing risky behavior. This ultimately shifts the risk curve with measurable incident reductions that saves both lives and dollars.
  • Driver Signatures: The captured data provides a comprehensive view into a driver’s performance including the number of GreenMinutes (positive driving minutes) and key performance indicators such as average following distance and compliance to traffic signs.  Customers are finding that a deeper view into their resources provides an opportunity to optimize their productivity.
  • RiskMaps: Through the analysis of the continuously captured data, Netradyne provides visualization and mapping of geographic risk factors. With these RiskMaps, customers have deeper visibility, and historical and geographical context into unsafe driving events.
  • Dynamic HD Maps for Autonomous Vehicles: As the captured and analyzed data set continues to grow, Netradyne is able to provide one of the deepest sets of dynamic high definition map data of roadways. This allows the company to partner with global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers engaged in the research and development of autonomous  vehicles.

Netradyne is emerging as a technology innovator by utilizing AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Edge Computing to significantly enhance road and driver safety.  Driveri™ is a vision-based driver recognition and fleet safety platform that captures and analyzes every minute of every driving experience, providing commercial fleet managers with insights into positive driving and identifying opportunities for individual coaching.  The net result is reduced driving incidents, more awareness around risk and ability to reward positive driving; all of which improves driver retention.

“Other companies are using simulated miles to train their deep learning models. We believe that there is no substitute to using actual driving miles. We are on track to have the largest collection of training data in the industry that we are using to continuously enhance our Deep Learning Engine,” said David Julian, CTO and founder of Netradyne.

“Over the past three years, we have seen a tremendous interest in the applications of AI, Machine Learning and Edge Computing,” says Avneesh Agrawal, Netradyne’s Founder and CEO. “The collection of captured and analyzed data provides new opportunities that haven’t existed before in safety and risk reduction, driver recognition, statistical modeling, and advanced vehicle development.”

About Netradyne, Inc.

Founded in 2015, Netradyne has technology innovation centers in both San Diego, CA and Bangalore, India where teams are hyper-focused on launching a driver safety platform for Commercial Vehicles. Grounded in the vision of applying Artificial Intelligence for improving fleet safety, Netradyne delivers a holistic view of the driving environment to fleet owners while serving as their driver’s advocate. For more information about Driveri™ or to inquire about commercial vehicle safety tools, please visit www.netradyne.com.

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Zoomcar Accelerates Focus on Driver and Road Safety with Netradyne’s Driveri™

Netradyne, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology focusing on driver and fleet safety, has announced its association with Zoomcar. Zoomcar has deployed Netradyne’s flagship product, Driveri, a vision-based driver recognition safety system, to improve road and driver safety for their fleet.

With the deployment of Driveri™, Netradyne aims at reducing the risk of accidents for Zoomcar’s fleet. The joint efforts are intended at providing a positive driving experience to Zoomcar’s customers. The device will alert customers during an at-risk driving situation, giving them enough reaction time to save an impending collision and inform them of a mistake which could be avoided in the future.

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A Trucking Firm Installs Cameras To Promote Driver Safety And The Drivers Like It? Preposterous!

There is a driver shortage. Driver pay is increasing rapidly after years of stagnation. Drivers have choices. So, it came as a great surprise to me when Dale Willis, the Vice President of Data Services at Netradyne, said that his company’s camera and AI-based analytics system, used to improve driver safety, is appreciated by truck drivers! In my experience, drivers do not like Big Brother. I was skeptical.

Media contacts for Netradyne did arrange a call with me with a driver, fleet safety executive, and safety training manager at Ward Transport and Logistics Corporation to attempt to confirm the outlandish allegation that drivers appreciated this technology. Ward Transport, a fourth-generation family owned company, primarily engages in less-than-truckload shipments.  They have a fleet of 600 vehicles.

The reason Ward Transport wants to expand to the rest of the fleet is that the system works well, it is the best video quality Mr. Dunn has seen. The camera, attached to the truck’s windshield, has cameras that face to the left and right, face forward, and face the driver. The cameras have a high enough resolution that in the event of an incident, reflected images picked up from the mirrors attached to the side of the truck can in many instances be viewed to determine what happened beside the vehicle.

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