The 10 computer vision startups you need to watch out for

Computer vision combines machine learning, data processing, and AI to develop innovative solutions that find use cases on a daily basis.

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words – and computer vision could perhaps make it worth much more.

A field of computer science that works to help computers see, identify, and process images much like human vision does, computer vision offers endless and exciting possibilities. Closely linked with Artificial Intelligence, computer vision also provides the appropriate output that exceeds the limitations of the human eye.

Computer vision combines elements of machine learning, data processing, and analytics. It is fundamentally about processing images and coming up with use-case models. For example, in a typical driving scenario, the sudden appearance of an object in front of the vehicle could have multiple results. But in a computer vision-enabled scenario, these possibilities are minimized as the object is noticed much before the human eye can.

In India, a significant number of computer vision startups are engaged in processing images whose use-cases are being deployed in eCommerce, medicine, security, transportation, industrial automation, security, etc.

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Using #AI and computer vision, Netradyne aims to make #driving a safer experience

The start-up’s name is a hat tip to its Indo-Western roots — ‘netra’ stands for the ‘eye’ or ‘vision’ and ‘dyne’ is ‘force’ in Greek — and translates to the power of vision.  Netradyne’s innovation helps fleet managers assign a driving score, identify errant drivers and coach them as well as set incentives to reward good drivers. This is made possible through Netradyne’s ‘GreenZone Driver Score’. A sophisticated dashboard shows up on the screen — that can be used by fleet managers to sift through the data uploaded by Driveri and take action accordingly.

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The Big Rig Biz Meets Big Data, Tech

Digital Opportunities beyond Compliance

With ELD solutions serving as a technological entry point, trucking operations are exposed to a number of niche digital opportunities that can drive efficiencies and improve fleet safety. Companies like Netradyne focus on highly intelligent dash cams to monitor and manage driver performance, provide safety alerts, and expedite accident handling. [by Pat Nolan | 08/07/2018]

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Driver safety is ‘all talk’ with this AI real-time road coach

With so much info coming at you while you’re on the road, another device seems like the last thing that would help.  But San Diego-based startup Netradyne wants its Driveri™ camera to help you drive better by actually monitoring how you drive — and giving you feedback. Using AI to teach its platform how to respond to situations on the road, the company works with fleets and commercial drivers.  It tracks driving and behavior in real-time and gives in-the-moment advice for dangerous situations.

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