Netradyne elected to join NPTC Institute board of governors

Carol Heinowski, logistics manager and head of safety and compliance at Meijer Inc., was elected chairman of the National Private Truck Council at its Annual Education Management Conference and Exhibition in Cincinnati April 29-May 1.  Netradyne’s Adam Kahn, Vice President of Fleets was elected to the Board of Governors.

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2018-07-04T02:18:29+00:00May 12th, 2018|News|

Netradyne expands driver safety program with real-time alerts, mobile app

In just about two years’ time, Netradyne has made a name for itself with its artificial intelligence-influenced driver video coaching platform. The company, though, is not resting on what it has already accomplished and is now pushing forward by adding real-time notifications and a mobile app to its positive-recognition platform.

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2018-07-04T02:33:23+00:00May 7th, 2018|News|

Netradyne’s Driveri™ turns real-time data into live driver coaching

The expanded suite of coaching tools is designed to create more collaboration and communication with the driver during their workday.

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What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About AI (Artificial Intelligence)

“The two KPI’s used in modern Deep Learning to measure the quality of pattern matching are precision and recall,” said Sandeep Pandya, who is the president of NetraDyne. “Precision is a ratio of properly detected objects – that is, true positives — out of all the detected objects. Recall is the ratio of properly detected objects out of the entire population of legitimate objects.”

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